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Stock photos are (according to Wikipedia) - the supply of photographs licensed for specific uses. They are used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments instead of hiring a photographer.

In other words, you can purchase (normally at a very reasonable price) professionally taken photographs or images for completely authorised use online. However, you don't always have to pay for these images, some websites offer free images that come with very few restrictions. Please bear in mind that 'free' and 'royalty-free' are different. Free is free. Royalty-free means that you pay for the image but your ongoing costs are zero. Also remember that some images may have restrictions - normally these involve prohibiting their use for reselling on such merchandise as posters, clothing or other articles. Logo use is normally unrestricted.

To obtain these photos or images often you will need an account and can pay online. If you would like Piccante to obtain the images for you we are happy to do so as we have accounts with all the websites listed on this page - please just supply us with the website name and the image ID number. The price for this service should be confirmed prior to us obtaining the images. Remember that if you obtain the image from a free website such as SXC then ask permission from the author of the image first - this courtesy is well appreciated.

Warning! These sites can be rather addictive and time-consuming!

Paid (royalty-free) stock photos

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