Tabbed navigation

Yens tabbed navigation

Soh Tanaka mega menu

Tabbed menu boxes useful for displaying small amount of information or images.

jQuery 1.2.6

By yensdesign

Coda slider

Coda slider

Slide text or images with the top tabs or side arrows.

jQuery 1.2.1

By N Doherty

Tabbed content slider

Tabbed content slider

An elegant way to display small amounts of text or images with top tabs indicating the current 'page' or window.

jQuery 1.3.2

By Gaya Design

Tab navigation

Tab menu

Perfect for sites that don't want a large menu permanently displayed. Select from a left-positioned tab, left-positioned (fixed) tab or a right-positioned tab. The left-position fixed option always positions the 'info' tab in view. This type of menu was used for Paul Milburn Photography.

jQuery 1.3.2

By Jon at spyrestudios

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